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Aug 24, 2020

Procrastination isn't what you might think. Do you really not have the time to get that thing done, or is there something else getting in the way? In this episode, Christina Shenvi MD, PhD breaks down: why we procrastinate and how to break free of that habit, reframing 'busyness', value based scheduling, how she decides on responding yes or no, how to say no in a skillful yet honest manner, and techniques to keep up with email. If you want to go deeper into all of this in a small group setting, Dr. Shenvi has an online time management course that's not to be missed.

Guest Bio: Dr. Christina Shenvi MD, PhD is a fellowship trained geriatric emergency physician from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where she is the director of the UNC Office of Academic Excellence. She's host of her own show, GEMCAST, focusing on clinical topics to help physicians, trainees, nurses, and paramedics who take care of older adults, particularly in the acute care setting.

We Discuss:

  • Why “I’m too busy” implies that you have no control over your situation or what you’re doing [01:50];
  • Value-based scheduling, which means evaluating tasks to be sure they align with your big values [08:20];
  • Techniques for saying “no” when invited to do something that doesn’t excite you [11:40];
  • Why procrastination at its core is more about emotions than productivity [18:00];
  • The determinants of self-worth:  ability, effort, and performance [21:30];
  • Procrastination, and how it is one of many self-worth protection strategies [22:50];
  • Reasons for large activation barriers for getting certain things done [25:00]; 
  • Tips for avoiding procrastination and self-sabotage [28:30];
  • Why we have to have a certain amount of tolerance for failure in order to succeed [37:30];
  • Ways to keep up with email (and other shallow work) [39:25];.
  • And more.

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