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Mar 12, 2020

We can't immediately change the process of medicine, the stuff that is kind of a drag and wears us down. What we can change, however, is our mindset. In this episode, we dissect several practices for shift preparation with a common goal of operating at a peak level of performance and experiencing more joy in what we do. Today we learn how to pregame, like a pro.


We discuss:

  • When the process of practicing medicine becomes your purpose for being a doctor, you’re at risk for burnout, if not worse. [00:30]
  • The system will not adjust to what you need right now.  You have to adjust yourself. [1:45]
  • How accepting gratitude, and other small changes in mindset, can have a logarithmic return on investment. [4:50]
  • The ways that many elite-level performers pregame.  They rely on their rituals for peak performance. [07:15]
  • Physicians are elite-level performers who rarely have the time to mentally prepare for each day. [8:40]


How some doctors pregame (or not)....

  • Mike Weinstock doesn't pregame [12:06]
  • Clay Smith's pregame distraction [13:20]
  • Joshua Russell's sequence of physical, emotional and mental prep [15:10]
  • Sabrina Adams the BAFERD [18:00]
  • Jaime Hope thinks of her 4 professional identities [19:10]
  • Mizuho Morrison's 3 steps of self talk [21:40]
  • Ran Ran biking to work. [24:20]
  • Joe Dubois walks to work
  • Chris Nickson walks to work
  • Ross Fisher calms during his commute.
  • Haney Mallemat uses mental visualization.
  • Luz Silverio's pregame ritual is to arrive to work 15 minutes early to “chit-chat” with members of her team.[28:40]
  • Alan Sielaff allows sufficient time before the shift to get prepared. [29:30]: 
  • Dan McCollum starts the day mentally preparing with the 5 Minute Journal.[31:00] 
  • Reuben Strayer mentally prepare for a shift by practicing mindfulness [32:50] 
  • Salim Rezaie isolates himself from social media and email for at least 1-2 hours prior to each shift.[35:30] 
  • Mike Mallin uses intermittent fasting to improve his focus, attitude, and endurance at work. [37:15]  
  • Rich Hamilton treats a shift like it’s a competitive sport. [38:30] 
  • Rob's 2 pregame exercises. [41:10] 
  • Jocko Willink’s Good” [44:06] 


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