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Nov 30, 2020

A discussion with His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s personal physician Barry Kerzin, MD on: how he came to his unique job, why compassion might be better than empathy in healthcare, simple ways to develop compassion towards both others and yourself, the cure for jealousy, lessening the impact of errors, and a prescription...

Nov 23, 2020

We review the false negative rates of different COVID tests (PCR and rapid antigen), the known knowns and known unknowns of the Moderna vaccine. 

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We discuss:

  • Why the lack of a legitimate gold standard is a challenge when comparing different tests for COVID-19 [01:45];
  • RT-PCR:  why...

Nov 16, 2020

Effective (and ineffective) leadership comes in many flavors, but there is an underlying quality to any good leadership that you know when you see it. In this episode, Colonel Jim Czarnik, MD and Josh Bucher, MD break down the lessons they’ve learned leading in both the military and civilian worlds of medicine and...

Nov 9, 2020

In this Stimulus Thump: Should we be worried about COVID on surfaces? Tools to manage the third wave. A new study suggests there might be benefits from aspirin.  Having flu and COVID at the same time increases odds of mortality. 

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This episode is sponsored by Wild Health.  

Nov 2, 2020


When things are going well, you may not notice how your mind is working. But sometimes, you are overtaken by events and it can feel like the gears are grinding in the worst possible way in both life and work.  In this episode, physician coach Gail Gazelle, MD,  walks us through the mental processes that happen in...