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Nov 23, 2020

We review the false negative rates of different COVID tests (PCR and rapid antigen), the known knowns and known unknowns of the Moderna vaccine. 

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We discuss:

  • Why the lack of a legitimate gold standard is a challenge when comparing different tests for COVID-19 [01:45];
  • RT-PCR:  why we shouldn't be reassured by a negative test result [03:45];
  • How your pretest probability of disease affects your interpretation of test results [07:00];
  • The COVID antigen test:  faster and more widely available, but less accurate [08:10];
  • A NYT report of a rapid antigen test study showing suboptimal test sensitivity when applied to asymptomatic people [10:15];
  • Why you can’t rely on a negative test to make your decision to travel or spend time with family/friends for the holidays [12:05];
  • Whether you need to quarantine if you’ve been in close contact with someone who themselves was exposed to a known COVID patient [13:30];
  • The Moderna vaccine which has a reported efficacy of 94.5% [14:00];
  • And more.

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