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Apr 18, 2022

Chances are that you have a robust inner critic. You might even believe that self criticism and castigation are the only ways to excel. As a high level performer, you are not alone. In this episode, we break down the nature of inner criticism and several ways to silence it (or nearly so).  

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We Discuss:

  • 3 objectives in the training of ski jumpers which can be applied to any moment or high stakes situation [02:30];
  • The importance of self talk [03:45];
  • What IS your inner critic? [05:40];
  • The first step to thwarting the inner critic is to be aware that it exists [08:00];
  • Judgment vs. discernment [09:10];
  • Dialogue of “the Judge” compared with “the Sage” in a complex resuscitation scenario [11:00]; 
  • Switching from “What if” to “What’s next” [13:15];
  • The second step to quieting the inner critic:  coming back to center [15:15];
  • Activating the voice of the Sage, that motivates through curiosity, empathy, and purpose [17:22];
  • One way to shift out of self judgment and into discernment is to speak (think) about yourself in the third person [21:20];


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