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May 16, 2022

None of us are immune from the Fundamental Attribution Error - chalking up the behavior of others to their character rather than the situation in which they find themselves. In this episode, we tease out the details of this common bias, its negative effects, and several strategies to address and work through it. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • The core tenant of fundamental attribution error;
  • The fact that nobody sees themselves as the villain of their own story;
  • Marcus Aurelius’ approach;
  • Ways to address and manage fundamental attribution error;
  • Stephen Covey’s simple yet powerful technique:  first seek to understand, then be understood;
  • Empathic listening;
  • An exercise to understand the other person’s perspective and sort out if you were truly wronged;
  • “Could malice be misunderstanding?”;
  • Navigating fundamental attribution error during conflict;
  • The Most Respectful Interpretation, JFK, and the Cuban Missile Crisis;
  • How to get 90% of the way with one step;

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