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Jul 25, 2022

When you are at the lowest of lows after a devastating case, how do you recover in real time? It’s certainly not easy and it takes a clear plan of action to do it well. 

In this episode, pediatric hospitalist Sarangan Uthayalingam walks us through a difficult case where nothing was working. He felt frozen in inaction and the patient, a newborn, did not survive. Immediately afterward, he was in a deep emotional hole, profoundly self critical, and still had his entire shift in front of him with other patients to care for. What happened next was quite extraordinary - a reset, recalibration, and reframing of intent and mental state so that when the next critical infant came in (which they did in short order) he was not only up to the task, but a better clinician. Sarangan breaks down exactly how he did this in granular detail.

Much of the discussion springboards off of Stimulus episode 65


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