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Aug 8, 2022

An inside look at what it takes to launch a ketamine clinic including: first steps, navigating hurdles, potential pitfalls, which patients benefit from ketamine, and an exhortation about why you should (and shouldn’t) go into this type of business. 

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Guest Bio: Dr. Samuel Ko is a Board Certified Emergency Physician and medical director of Reset Ketamine in Palm Springs, California. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Ko is Co-Creator of an online course - Ketamine StartUp - which teaches other physicians how to start their own ketamine clinic.  During his free time, he practices yoga, meditation, reads voraciously, and relaxes with his amazing wife, daughter, and four-legged son. Find Sam on the Insta and Facebook.


Here is the link mentioned in this episode with some ketamine clinic startup SWAG (the ultimate checklist and business plan template) from Sam Ko for Stimulus listeners. 


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