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May 25, 2020

The thought of taking a break during a busy work day can sound impossible if not contrary to the ethos of our job. The reality, however, is that taking a break is not only possible, but will likely make you clinically sharper, more efficient, and possibly even happier. In this episode, Dr. Joshua Russell walks us through how to take a break within the constraints of our clinical responsibilities as well as pitfalls to avoid when taking a pause from patient care.


We Discuss:

  • The importance of breaks and how they can positively impact your affective state and ability to care for patients;
  • The abundant evidence that says that breaks are helpful;
  • How mental vigilance naturally wanes and decision fatigue sets in as the day progresses. Nobody functions with the same efficiency throughout an entire day; 
  • System 1 vs. system 2 thinking, and how when we’re in a negative affective state (ie. a “bad mood”), our ability to be deliberate in our decision-making is compromised;
  • What a healthy break looks like;
  • The notion that finding the time for a break takes intention; and
  • More. 

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