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Aug 27, 2020

A fishing boat out of Seattle gives clues as to what COVID immunity looks like; an emergency department pulse ox study gives insight into the clinical course of patients discharged home who later develop low oxygen levels; and some staggering statistics on cardiac injury following COVID infection.

We Discuss:

  • The impact of neutralizing antibodies on immunity;
  • The difference between neutralizing antibodies and what’s tested for in the Abbott Architect commercial antibody test;
  • Why some who have a positive commercial antibody test might not be immune;;
  • Sensitivity of Viral RT-PCR testing;
  • What a negative PCR test means after a high risk exposure;
  • An emergency department study found that patients who develop hypoxia after discharge home had an increased incidence of adverse outcome;
  • A recent study found a 70% incidence of cardiac injury in 100 recovered COVID patients.

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