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Stimulus | Helping Doctors overcome burnout, excel in leadership, and unlock their most fulfilling careers

Mar 1, 2020

Launching March 12, 2020

When I was in medical school and residency, the ethos was that when times are tough, you suck it up. If times are tougher, you suck it up harder. I did that for a decade after I was an attending physician, sucking it up, and I burnt out... over and over again. Sucking it up is a great tool for short-term resilience but not ideal for excellence or longevity. 

So you can suck it up, or you can think differently. 

Regardless of your job title or description - doctor, nurse, EMS, fire, police, 911 operator, you get thrown into the fray with a basic set of medical skills, but little on HOW to REALLY do it. The skills to thrive beyond managing disease or living up to the title on your ID badge. 

Think about what spark inside you motivated the decision for you to do what you do. And since making that decision, you’ve put too much into it to lose the calling and sense of purpose. 

That is what motivates this show, what you will find here. Walking through and deconstructing strategies to live and practice with intent. To not waste our time. And to tap into the joy of what we do.