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Oct 14, 2021

The treatment of non-hospitalized patients suffering from COVID-19 is a hot topic and constantly changing. Today we have a conversation with Salim Rezaie, MD whose dive into this literature couldn’t be much deeper. We discuss which subgroup of patients might benefit from monoclonal antibodies, why the jury is still out on the benefit of ivermectin, the role of inhaled budesonide, and outpatient anticoagulation which hasn’t been studied, but hopefully will be someday.

Guest Bio:  Salim Rezaie completed his medical school training at Texas A&M Health Science Center and continued his medical education with a combined Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine residency at East Carolina University.  He currently works as a community emergency physician at Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians (GSEP) where he is the director of clinical education.  Salim is the creator and founder of REBEL EM and REBEL Cast, a free, critical appraisal blog and podcast that tries to cut down knowledge translation gaps of research to bedside clinical practice. Hear more from Salim on Stimulus #16 Accumulation of Marginal Gains.


We Discuss:


  • The fact that the best treatment of COVID is prevention through vaccination [2:30];
  • The value and purported benefit of monoclonal antibodies [03:21];
  • Whether a rapid antibody test would help predict seronegativity [06:30];
  • Specifically which monoclonal antibodies are being used in Salim’s shop [07:40];
  • The irony of people demanding monoclonal antibodies, but refusing vaccination because they don’t know what's in it [08:50];
  • Why you can’t trust everything you read about COVID therapy in a news headline [12:40];
  • One of the largest ivermectin studies which was based on falsified data, yet continues to influence the results of meta-analyses [15:30];
  • Inhaled budesonide for COVID-19 symptom control [22:00];
  • The slippery slope of outpatient anticoagulation [23:39];
  • The things Salim might do if he had symptomatic COVID-19 and was well enough to be managed as an outpatient [27:25];
  • And more.


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