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Jul 27, 2020

When we hear the word stoic, what often comes to mind is a repression of emotion, a stone-faced response to adversity. You can think of that kind of stoicism as using it with a lowercase 's'. What we're talking about today is the philosophical school of Stoicism, Stoic with a capital 'S'. At its core, Stoicism provides a way to find equanimity no matter the circumstance and take on whatever adversity is thrown at you.

Our Guest: Dan McCollum, MD is an award winning educator and assistant professor of emergency medicine and Augusta University. His translation of philosophical ideas into real world practice (both in and outside of medicine) have garnered international acclaim. Dan was our guest on Stimulus episode 1: Verbal Judo.

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We discuss:

  • The difference between stoicism (with a lowercase “s”) and Stoicism (with a capital “S”);
  • The 3 disciplines of Stoicism;
  • How you can apply Stoic principles to common (unpleasant) scenarios;
  • How to develop some of the Stoic habits and responses to stress;
  • How a Stoic processes anger;
  • And more. 

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