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Apr 30, 2020

None of us are immune from stress, especially now. This is a critical moment for us to look out not only for our own mental health but that of our colleagues. In this episode, psychiatrist Dr. Melissa Shepard sits down with our good friend Dr. Neda Frayha to discuss the mental health challenges facing health care workers in the COVID-19 pandemic, and some concrete, tangible tools to help us get through this period. 


  • HIPPO Education COVID Resource Center. Link
  • Free mental health crisis line for physicians impacted by Covid-19 related issues, staffed by US Psychiatrists (support only, cannot prescribe medications). 1-888-409-0141. 
  • COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide. National Alliance on Mental Illness. Link
  • Darnall B. The COVID-19 Wellness and Coping Toolkit: 11 Tips for Health Care Workers, Patients, and the Public. Psychology Today, 31 March 2020. Link 
  • Good Therapy. 
  • Physician Support Line. 
  • Free access to Headspace Plus app (guided meditations) for healthcare professionals. Link
  • Center for Mind-Body Medicine at Georgetown. Introduction to evidenced-based techniques for helping people through and after trauma (things like guided imagery, body scans, breathing techniques) Link