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Mar 21, 2022

It doesn’t look like performance metrics are going away any time soon. So why not make them a feature instead of a bug? 

Guest Bio: Shawn Dowling MD is the medical director of The Physician Learning Program at the University of Calgary and Clinical Content Lead at the Calgary Zone Emergency Department.   

We discuss:

  • Why metrics are important and how reframing the process can make them  feel less punitive 
  • How providing metrics can be an impactful tool to get physicians to identify improvement opportunities and implement changes in their practice
  • The goal:  to improve the quality of care provided by making individual-level as well as system-level changes
  • Audits are meant to be self-reflective, not punitive. 
  • The fact that current metrics cannot identify the secret sauce for making the best ED provider. They are interrelated and need to be “balanced”.  


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