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Sep 12, 2022

We’re all guilty of it, basing decisions on the most recent event. It’s surely part of our wiring. The question is - what do we do about it? In this episode, Justin Morgenstern breaks down availability bias: what it is, how it shows up in life and medical practice, the difference between learning and bias, research showing availability bias happening in real time, and ways to turn availability bias from a bug into a feature.  


Guest Bio: Justin Morgenstern is a community emergency physician with a passion for education, resuscitation, and evidence based medicine, Purveyor of the amazing First10EM blog, Justin works in the Greater Toronto Area. 

On a personal note, Justin and I met years ago at a conference in the Bahamas. He was in the audience and was such an incredible contributor to a group conversation that I had him come up on stage and be a panel member. Since then, I’ve found that he is a rare mix of humility, genius, and kindness.


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We discuss:

  • Availability Bias and how it relates to everyday decision making. 
  • What is availability bias;
  • Where this shows up in clinical practice;
  • Learning is not availability bias;
  • Whether more testing is the right path for subtle presentations of life threatening diseases;
  • Testing thresholds;
  • Tips for avoiding availability bias in our practices;
  • Real world example of availability bias;
  • Justin’s tools for addressing bias;
  • Ways to hack the bias.