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Dec 27, 2021

Case studies using Nonviolent Communication in real world situations including:  how to give a proper compliment, perils of bringing up past issues, emergency empathy when speaking to a consultant, receiving gratitude, point of care compassion, and the limitations of NVC in the resus bay. 

Guest bio:  Scott Weingart is an emergency physician who went on to complete fellowships in Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and ECMO at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. He is best known for his EMCrit Podcast which focuses on resuscitation and ED critical care, and most recently, On Deeper Reflection, an exploration of academic productivity, philosophy, and wellness. He is the author of two books:  Emergency Medicine Decision Making and the Resuscitation Crisis Manual.


We discuss:


  • The violence in communication that NVC is seeking to remedy [ 03:40];
  • Why you should avoid discussing the past in heated conversations [06:00];
  • How to give a compliment NVC-style [11:00];
  • Receiving gratitude [17:25];
  • Emergency empathy [18:45];
  • 4 levels of response evolution [22:30];
  • Limitations of using NVC in the emergency department [24:45];
  • Point of care compassion [27:00];
  • The last 3 words mirroring technique [28:50];
  • Using NVC when the person you’re talking with has a personality disorder [30:40];
  • What happens when you use NVC to “manipulate” someone who is astute and quickly realizes they’re being managed [35:00];
  • The fallacy of attribution [38:30];
  • And more.


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