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May 14, 2020

Bob Ross is best known as the mellifluous host of The Joy of Painting, yet there are things he can teach about how to effectively care for trauma patients. In this episode, we cover: how Bob Ross can help invoke calm during crisis, the Chuck Norris mode of trauma resuscitation, why Bob Ross is your trauma room spirit animal, finding your feet, the power of acknowledging mistakes.


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We Discuss:

  • Who Bob Ross is and how he can help us remain calm in a crisis [00:24];
  • The tendency for trauma team leaders to stay in full-on warrior mode, even when that mode not only is no longer necessary, but also may be deleterious [02:30];
  • Why Bob Ross (not Chuck Norris or Wonder Woman) should be our spirit animal in the secondary survey [05:00]; 
  • Specific ways to be more like Bob Ross in the resus bay [05:50];
  • How “finding your feet” can help you when mistakes are made [07:44];
  • The value of acknowledging a mistake and validating how it makes you feel [09:35]; and
  • More.

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